hg体育官网 Returns to 海Heli-Expo in Dallas, Texas, from March 7 3月10

Join hg体育官网 at the Biggest Helicopter Show in the World – 海Heli-Expo

国际直升机协会(HAI) 促进安全, 专业, innovation for helicopters making it a significant organization in the helicopter industry. 为了鼓励行业内的参与,HAI每年举办一次 海Heli-Expo Tradeshow连接全球的行业专业人士.

今年3月, 在新冠肺炎引发的中断之后, HAI returns to host the biggest and most anticipated helicopter show in the world – the 海Heli-Expo. 该活动将从7日开始举行th 3月10th at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, with exhibits opening on March 8th.

具有悠久的历史服务旋翼部分可追溯到1990年, hg体育官方网站将参加上海国际直升机展.

As an international avionics equipment and services provider focused on providing end-to-end flight data solutions for all rotorcraft platforms, hg体育官方网站每年都会在HAI的直升机展上展出. hg体育官方网站提供了一套解决方案, including 用于数据传输的地面支持设备 and flight data readout analysis to ensure the safety of helicopter passengers and crew. 对于飞行数据采集,hg体育官方网站提供 模块化的采集器. 飞行数据记录,请使用hg体育官方网站的 岗哨驾驶舱语音和飞行数据记录器(CVFDR) is the industry-leading choice for being the smallest, lightest, lowest power CVFDR. 的 手持多用途接口(HHMPI), a flight recorder data download tool, is another of hg体育官网’ industry-leading products. 最后,hg体育官方网站也提供 飞行数据读出服务 to provide operators with secure and reliable maintenance records compliant with the highest standards in aviation. 用这个360度飞行数据解决方案, hg体育官网 enables operators to achieve more than compliance while reducing operational costs for helicopter fleets.

找到hg体育官方网站团队 布斯8239年 to discover how flight data solutions can maximize helicopter operational efficiency and safety.


今年, 上海直升机展,探索直升机行业的未来, whether that is innovative new capabilities or the emerging Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) market. As a business with the mission to help make aviation safer with flight data solutions, hg体育官方网站很高兴参加这次活动和持续的对话.


几位hg体育官方网站团队的成员将会出席, 包括hg体育官方网站的销售副总裁, Shane LaPlante. With over 14,000 industry professionals attending, the show is bound to be busy. 请与…联系 sales@flightdatasystems.航空 安排会议.

hg体育官方网站将在2021年nba bace上展出

hg体育官方网站将在2021年nba bace上展出

美国国家公务航空协会(NBAA), a leader for companies relying on general aviation aircraft to make their businesses more efficient, 富有成效的, 和成功, is hosting the annual 公务航空 Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) – the world’s largest civil aviation trade show. This notable event is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from October 12 to October 14.

为商务航空提供多种hg体育官网和服务, hg体育官网 is an active and proud member of the NBAA and will be exhibiting at NBAA-BACE. hg体育官方网站将与姊妹hg体育官方网站共同展出 SKYTRAC, 纬度技术, FreeFlight系统 布斯1317. 今年, hg体育官方网站hg体育官方网站也将在周二召开新闻发布会, 10月12日上午10点在W213房间宣布一些令人兴奋的消息.

hg体育官方网站有一套解决方案,包括飞行数据采集, 驾驶舱语音和飞行数据记录器, 用于数据传输的地面支持设备, 还有飞行数据读取服务,如报告和分析. Flight Data System’s 360-degree flight data solution is enabled by their highly reliable next-generation avionics such as the SENTRY Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorders (CVFDR)、手持式多用途界面(HHMPI)飞行数据下载平台、模块化采集单元()及远程数据集中器(RDC). 的 capabilities enabled by these products support business aviation by ensuring the safety of passengers and crew. Insights from our flight data solutions provide operators with novel ways of reducing expenses.


hg体育官方网站业务发展主管Scott Hall (斯科特.hall@flightdata.航空) will be in attendance to speak about our robust ecosystem of flight data products and solutions.


想要注册NBAA-BACE 2021,请访问 http://nbaa.org/events/2021-nbaa-business-aviation-convention-exhibition-nbaa-bace/registration/.



hg体育官方网站hg体育官方网站很高兴能参加 ROTORTECH 2021年6月15 - 17日, 在澳大利亚昆士兰的布里斯班.

的 ROTORTECH Helicopter and Unmanned Flight Exposition is the premier industry event for the Helicopter/Rotary Wing and RPAS/UAV/eVTOL community in Australia, 新西兰和印度-亚太地区.

与澳大利亚直升机工业协会(AHIA)联合举办, ROTORTECH将为行业之间提供重要的接口, 监管机构和政府, 包括:

  • 操作及安全介绍
  • 行业会议
  • 制造商技术研讨会
  • An industry exposition showcasing the products and services of more than 100 helicopter and unmanned flight-related companies

hg体育官方网站业务发展经理马廷利(达伦.mattingley@flightdata.航空) will be participating at the event on June 15-17 to speak about our robust ecosystem of flight data products and solutions.


所有经认证的行业访客都可以免费参加ROTORTECH. 注册在这里 进入展览层, 参加会议会议, view static aircraft on display and engage with industry on all three days of the event.




hg体育官方网站自豪地展示 AEA会议2021 布斯609. 飞机电子学协会 是一个全球性的, 提供通信的自我维持的组织, networking events and access to government-certified international aviation manufacturers and educational institutions.

In 2021, the Hilton Anatole is set to host the annual AEA International Convention and Trade Show in Dallas from June 22-25. 自1957年以来, this event has become the largest general aviation trade show for avionic manufacturers, 分销商, 还有政府认证的维修站. Previously to be held in March, the trade show was postponed due to the pandemic. 随着今年的活动重新安排, attendees will have an opportunity to reconnect with hundreds of leaders in the industry, 包括hg体育官方网站.

hg体育官方网站销售副总裁Kerry Farrish (Kerry.farrish@flightdata.斯科特·霍尔(Scott Hall . 航空),业务发展主管.hall@flightdata.航空) will be in attendance from June 22 to June 25 to speak about our robust ecosystem of flight data products and solutions.


hg体育官方网站鼓励参加者 注册 在贸易展之前.




hg体育官网 is proud to attend their first tradeshow of the year at MRO Americas 2021. This event marks the beginning of the return of 航空space events around the globe, hg体育官方网站渴望与hg体育官方网站宝贵的合作伙伴和客户见面.

MRO美洲hg体育官方网站致力于将供应商与领先的航空hg体育官方网站联系起来, 原始设备制造商, 以及MRO社区的买家. This 2021 edition of MRO Americas is focused on more domestic/regionalized versions of past MRO Americas due to international travel restrictions brought forth by COVID-19.

hg体育官方网站销售副总裁Kerry Farrish (Kerry.farrish@flightdata.航空hg体育官方网站)和业务发展主管斯科特·霍尔(Scott Hall).hall@flightdata.航空)将参加周二的活动, April 27 and Wednesday April 28 to speak about our robust ecosystem of flight data products and solutions.


hg体育官方网站鼓励参加者 注册 为虚拟和实时会议.